Apple Watch Series 0 A1578 38mm Replacement Battery


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Restore your Apple Watch to its full potential with a new aftermarket battery! All batteries inevitably degrade over time with usage. Degraded batteries result in decreased performance, reduced battery life and even equipment power failures. The originally installed Apple Watch Series 0 38mm battery is rated to last an average of 1000 charge cycles before replacement.

If your Apple Watch:

• No longer powers on
• Powers off without warning
• Is no longer capable of holding charge

Then this aftermarket battery is the perfect solution to restore your dead or worn out Apple Watch back to factory new condition.

Compatible with

      –  Apple Watch Series 0 38mm, All Variants


– Rechargeable lithium-ion polymer battery
– Model No: A1578
– Watt Hours: 0.78 Wh 

– Voltage: 3.80 V

– Capacity: 205 mAh

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