2 x 2CR1/3N Lithium Batteries


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2 x 2CR1/3N lithium batteries

Higher capacity and longer life, 2CR1/3N lithium batteries are commonly used in: digital recording devices and high end electrical equipment and many other devices.

Model: 2CR1/3N
Voltage: 6V 
Nominal capacity: 160mAh
Diameter: 11.6mm
Height: 21.6mm
IEC: 2CR13252
Chemistry: LiMnO2

Commonly Known As:
• 2CR1/3N, 2DL1/3N, 2CR11108
• 2CR13252, 2LR1/3N

Keep out of reach of children


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Customer Reviews

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Vicki N.
I ordered wrong batteries-it was

I ordered wrong batteries-it was meant to be CR1/3N, 2 packets of 2. I returned them 2 weeks ago after sending an email. I did get acknowledgement email in return, and I know you are busy, but am disappointed I haven't received replacement ones yet. I need them for my work!! Vicki

James Y.
Over the last month and

Over the last month and a half I have received to parcels from you neither of which are the batteries I ordered. I am waiting for a refund and will return the batteries that were sent. It seems you have some serious process issues at ausbatteries!

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