500 x A23 / 8LR932 Alkaline Batteries

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500 x A23 / 8LR932 Alkaline batteries (100 packs)

Higher capacity and longer life, A23 Alkaline batteries are commonly used in: watches, clocks, calculators, toys, cameras, and many other electronic devices.

Model: A23
Voltage: 12V 
Nominal capacity: 55mAh 
Diameter: 10mm
Height: 28mm
IEC: 8LR932
Chemistry: Alkaline

Commonly Known As:
• 23A, 23AE, A23, GP23, 21/23, 23GA, 23AE
• MS21, MN21,V23GA, LR23, L1028
• 8LR23, LRV08, LR23A

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